A Second Chance Means Everything To Allie Herr | Green Chair Donate Life Sit-In 2024

well today of course is our green chair
donate live sit and tonight we are
continuing to bring you the updates as
far as this operation goes throughout
the course of not only today but also
tomorrow and we want to continue to talk
to you about some of those stories that
have impacted not only you there at home
but also our guests here tonight so Ally
and Jenny her so glad to have both of
you here once again why why is it so
important to come back year after year
it is so important to raise awareness
Ness and to really show people not just
give them statistics that they see
online to actually show them what organ
donation can do and what a second chance
can really mean it means everything to
me absolutely and then we wanted to give
everybody kind of a cliffnotes version
this happened to you as an infant
correct it’s happening very early on and
we are looking at some of those pictures
jaundice condition yellow eyes distended
belly some of the things that Mom was
noticing maybe something’s just not
right as far as my daughter’s concerned
yeah she’s the Young a three was born
with Billy AR treia and uh it was a
completely healthy pregnancy we didn’t
know anything until day three we
actually made it home and they had us
come back and then the series of testing
began and um she kept getting sicker and
sicker feeding tube dependent and missed
all our milestones and finally got
listed at one year of age you guys did a
a trip to Walt Disney World and you
thought maybe that was maybe the last
herah didn’t you we did um that was
about so we were a year and six months
on the list at she was transmitt 6
November 05 we decided because I had a
six-year-old and four-year-old and life
was shut down when you’re on the list
you know it’s a it revolves around
Allison and um yeah we decided we’re
going to go to to Disney and and enjoy
family because we really thought that
this was it we would wake up one morning
and she would just passed peacefully in
our crib we talked about the connection
that is made not only with some of those
who were lucky enough to meet their
recipients Andor talk to them or their
donors excuse me but also the connection
with life connection and the empathy
that is shared talk a little bit about
the relationships you’ve developed over
the years i’ I I’ve done so much for
them and I’m so happy that I get asked
every single year ever since I was
little I’ve been in this Newsroom and
just really spreading awareness about
Donate Life and I would not change it
for the world you ever thought about an
anchor reporting position I had when I
was little but my career plans
changed keep thinking about it I mean
you keep showing up we’re going to put
you to work one of these days one of the
things that I’ve asked parents sometimes
as as a parent of three of my own I I
know sometimes you think I have to be
strong yeah but you’re proven wrong and
sometimes the kids the stronger one yes
is that your case too yeah kids are very
resilient know you think you are the
strong one but um very resilient kids um
you know she wouldn’t be here today if a
family had not said yes to organ
donation because death was knocking at
her door it was just a matter of days um
we on we on the the last end and you get
guys came here to be with us the 11th
Hour of the day a final a final word
from you as far as those who may be
considering organ donation it should not
even be a question at this point you’ve
seen 24 hours on this TV and this chair
has not gone empty any single one of
those hours and just say yes do it now
as I said when I was very little do it
now yeah I hope my boss and general
manager was watching you tonight cuz you
may be getting

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