7-Year-Old Needs A Bone Marrow Donor! Could You Be A Match?

hey everyone Beverly kid here following
up with a Chesapeake mom whose son has a
rare form of leukemia and needs a bone
marrow transplant was hopefully healthy
bone marrow without any cancerous cells
we met Kaden Addison and his mom in
January just before a match was found
for Caden they thought their prayers had
been answered unfortunately the doctor
said that the donor is no longer on the
registry um he doesn’t know what
happened he doesn’t know um exactly why
they withdrew meanwhile daily
chemotherapy helps keep the cancer at
Bay and several other meds that he
injects directly into the port in his
stomach help with the side effects over
half his life now has been spent getting
chemotherapies no child’s life should be
cut short because they can’t find a
donor according to the National
Institutes of Health it’s harder to find
a match for African-American patients
because black donors are
underrepresented in the registry it’s
really important that we get more people
of color um and General on the registry
because that’s going to increase his
likelihood of finding someone who can
match with him so I wanted to see for
myself just how this test works you go
on bethematch.org simply order the test
and you’ll get an envelope like this in
3 to S days open the kit swab both
cheeks attach the swabs to the form and
then put it in the
envelope and drop it in the mail the
registry will call you if you’re a match
Kate mcder of the national bone marrow
program tells me if you are a match most
donations only take a few hours 90% of
the time it is what’s called a
peripheral blood stem cell donation and
that is um it looks similar to a plasma
donation or you could be asked to give
bone marrow which is more involved and
done under general anesthesia either way
your donation could save a young boy’s
life this is not a matter of donating
for some kids to get a toy this is life
this is his life and my son deserves a
life he deserves a long life we’ll
continue to follow Kaden’s journey and
we’ll update you when he finds a match
in Chesapeake Beverly kit news3

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