Patrick G, Kidney Transplant Recipient

Life significantly improves after an organ tansplant, but there is always the looming risk of something going wrong. For the most part, the immune system is the culprit, attacking any foreign body it detects, including the transplanted organ. 

Monitoring organ health after a transplant is not easy, especially when you have to do it for years. That’s when patients’ medication adherence drops, significantly increasing the risk of graft failure. This is the problem AlloCare, a patient-centric resource for transplant patients, seeks to resolve.

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Enter The AlloCare® Transplant Health Mobile App

AlloCare is a free, easy-to-use app by CareDx available to everyone. The app is designed to help organ transplant patients manage their health throughout their treatment pre and post-transplant phases. It is a comprehensive tech-enabled mobile health app with features designed to support and assist you in achieving your goals for the best care for your transplant

AlloCare does this by consolidating all the data you need in one place – the smartphone that’s always in your hands. This way, you can stay on track with your medications, monitor your vital health metrics, track your progress and health activities. If your doctor has ordered AlloSure® to monitor your transplant health, your lab results appear right in the app. Plus you can communicate with CareDx patient care managers to schedule upcoming labs.

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Don’t Forget Your Medication – Manage Your Regimen With AlloCare

Medication adherence is critical after a transplant and is AlloCare’s main focus. Medication non-adherence accounts for 50% of graft loss due to rejection(see reference below). Most transplant patients have to take eight to ten transplant-related medications daily with doses one to four times. This is a complicated regimen, and it’s not surprising that many recipients without a way of organizing their medications may not take them as prescribed.

Missed doses or failure to take medication can lead to severe complications, including acute rejection, damage to the organ, and ultimately transplant failure.

AlloCare app is designed to help transplant recipients overcome this problem. The app enables you to create easy-to-follow schedules. It will also pull your medication list from your medical records, and you can even upload photos, so you know you have it right. The app will let you know when, how much, and what medication to take with reminders so you don’t forget.

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What Else Can AlloCare App Do For You?

Taking medication isn’t the only thing you need to worry about after a transplant. AlloCare allows you to track metrics including blood pressure, pulse ox, sleep, temperature, fluids, daily steps, and even mood. The app also allows you to see your long-term health trends and goals.

AlloCare seamlessly integrates data from Apple Health, Bluetooth devices, and other third-party apps you already use. You can also combine it with your wearable electronics for better biometrics tracking. But that’s not all. Transplants can be a lonely journey, CareDx’s team recognizes this, and they added a feature for you to interact with other transplant recipients.

You can also create summary reports that you can share with your healthcare providers, schedule labs, read articles, and even view your AlloSure® test results. 

This app will help transplant recipients better understand their conditions and be a useful companion. AlloCare app works on both iOS and Android platforms.

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Sellares J, de Freitas DG, Mengel M, et al. Understanding the causes of kidney transplant failure: the dominant role of antibody-mediated rejection and nonadherence. Am J Transplant. 2012;12:388–399.

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