Donate Life Hollywood Responds To Squid Game’S Black Market Storyline
Donate Life Hollywood Responds To Squid Game'S Black Market Storyline - Transplant News
Donate Life Hollywood Responds to Squid Game’s Black Market Storyline

Squid Game on Netflix is #1 in 90 countries. The show is a phenomenon, and plays into the top #HollywoodMyths about organ donation.

“Hollywood loves to put our cause in the horror and sci-fi genre, but we really belong in any storyline that needs a dose of hope and inspiration,” says Tom Mone, CEO of the OneLegacy Foundation, which oversees the Donate Life Hollywood project.

“Looking at the difference between Squid Game and Hospital Playlist we can see that Hollywood has a clear choice: keep scaring people with fictional plots or actually show people how donation works. The second choice clearly saves lives and since there is a shortage, we really need Hollywood’s help to save lives.”

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