New Intermountain Health Center Offers Spanish-Speaking Kidney Transplant Services

Intermountain Health has launched a groundbreaking Spanish-speaking kidney transplant clinic aimed at expanding healthcare access for Latinos. This move comes as the hospital aims to break down cultural barriers that may exist between staff and patients. The clinic, which includes a team of Spanish-speaking nephrologists, surgeons, social workers, coordinators, and nutritionists, aims to provide a more comfortable and understanding environment for patients. Dr. Alan Contreras, a transplant surgeon at Intermountain Health, emphasized the importance of language and cultural understanding in healthcare, stating that patients often prefer speaking to someone who understands their language and culture rather than using a translator.

Luis Campos, a patient at Intermountain Health, praised the presence of Spanish-speaking physicians, as it made him feel more at ease during his recovery. Campos, who underwent a kidney and liver transplant in 2023, described his recovery as a miracle and believed that having a clinic like this would further strengthen patients’ confidence in their physicians. The clinic has already treated 60 patients since its establishment in October 2023, anticipating further growth due to the increasing prevalence of kidney failure among different ethnicities. Intermountain Health encourages Latinos to prioritize their health and provides additional information on their transplant services through their website or phone number.

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