Nashville Barber’S Life Saved With Kidney Transplant From Devoted Older Brother

A Nashville barber, Tristan Buckner, has been diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease and was facing a potential 6 to 8-year wait for a transplant. However, his older brother, Loren Buckner, a retired veteran, turned out to be a perfect match and will be donating his kidney to save Tristan’s life. This transplant will allow Tristan to continue his mission of reaching out to the youth and guiding them towards making better life decisions.

Tristan, who has faced numerous challenges throughout his life, including health issues and a decade-long stay in prison, believes that his purpose in life is to use his personal experiences to connect with and positively influence troubled youth. The Buckners emphasize the importance of annual physical check-ups and encourage people to consider becoming organ donors.

To support Tristan and his brother during their recovery process, purchases from Tristan’s apparel line can be made. Tristan’s barbershop will be closed until February, as it will take approximately two months for them to fully recover. The kidney transplant is scheduled to take place next week.

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