Ms. S’s Incredible Journey: Triumphs over Heart Transplant, Mastectomy, Hysterectomy, and More!

Three families in need are featured in this year’s 100 Neediest Cases campaign. Case 61 tells the story of Ms. J and her husband, Mr. B, who are struggling financially to take care of their three children. With medical bills piling up and the eldest son recently hospitalized after an attempted suicide, the couple is worried about providing for their children’s needs. Case 62 focuses on Ms. S, a resilient woman who has faced numerous health challenges, including heart failure, a heart transplant, and multiple surgeries. Despite her struggles, Ms. S remains determined to see her children happy and healthy. In Case 63, Ms. J, a single mother of three boys, is trying her best to make ends meet after her husband was murdered earlier this year. She aims to give her children better days but needs support to provide basic necessities like beds and a dining room table.

The 100 Neediest Cases campaign offers an opportunity for individuals to help these families and others by adopting a family or making an online donation through the campaign’s website. By extending a helping hand, the community can make a significant impact and ensure these families have a brighter future. The campaign also features an art contest for high school and college students to illustrate the concept of “need,” with the selected artworks accompanying the stories published in the Post-Dispatch. Donations can be made through the campaign’s website, with all proceeds going towards assisting families in need during the holiday season and beyond.

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