Mother donates liver to daughter in UPMC Children’s Hospital transplant.

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh recently completed its 200th living donor liver transplant. The surgery took place on February 21st and involved Adleigh, a 5-year-old girl from Alabama, and her mother, Haley, who served as the liver donor. Adleigh had been diagnosed with biliary atresia at just 7 weeks old.

Haley, who is a nurse, was aware of living-donor liver transplantation, which allows for earlier transplantation without the need for the patient to be placed on a waiting list. This procedure offers improved outcomes since patients receive donor organs when they are healthier. Both Haley and Adleigh are said to be recovering well from the surgery.

Living donor liver transplants are a vital option for patients suffering from liver diseases who cannot wait for a deceased donor organ. This significant milestone at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh showcases the hospital’s expertise and commitment to providing advanced medical solutions to children in need.

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