Mosinee Youth Soccer Assists Student’s Heart Transplant Recovery | Top Story

A teenager from Mosinee, Wisconsin, is receiving support from the local soccer community as he recovers from a recent heart transplant surgery. Nathaniel Handley, a high school sophomore, underwent the surgery in December and is still dealing with its after-effects. Joe Carlson, a leader within Mosinee’s youth soccer program, came up with the idea of donating all the proceeds from their indoor soccer league to Nathaniel’s family. The funds will help alleviate financial stress for the family during his healing process. Nathaniel’s mother expressed her gratitude, stating that the community’s support allows them to focus on his recovery.

The donations primarily come from registration fees and additional contributions. In addition to the financial support, all the players who participated in the league were encouraged to sign a poster with words of encouragement for Nathaniel. Carlson emphasized the community’s unity and their commitment to supporting one of their own. Nathaniel is currently receiving treatment in Rochester, Minnesota, and it is expected that he will continue his treatment there until the end of April. Updates on his condition can be found on a GoFundMe page where donations can also be made to support his family’s cause.

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