Michigan State Baseball Pitching Coach Receives Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

Michigan State pitching coach, Mark Van Ameyde, will undergo a kidney transplant at the University of Toledo Hospital. Van Ameyde, who has been the team’s pitching coach for 13 seasons, had his health deteriorate a year and a half ago when he discovered that his kidneys were no longer functioning. Despite being on daily dialysis and struggling with mobility, Van Ameyde has continued to do his job with the support of a scooter provided by Washington Nationals outfielder Adam Eaton. The surgery will likely cause him to miss most of the current season, but he is hopeful that it will significantly improve his quality of life.

The kidney transplant will be performed by Van Ameyde’s wife of 26 years, Melissa, who is considered to be a great match. Although the process of finding a matching donor typically takes time, a match was recently found, bringing hope and relief to the Van Ameyde family. The coach acknowledges the fear associated with the surgery but is also excited for the positive changes it will bring. Van Ameyde expressed gratitude to his support system and his faith in God, crediting them for his ability to continue working. His colleagues and family are eagerly looking forward to him overcoming his health struggles and entering a new chapter in his life.

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