Michelle Schmitt’s Liver Transplant: From GDL to ‘Ordinary Angels’

The incredible story of Michelle Schmitt’s liver transplant is set to be brought to the big screen in the upcoming film “Ordinary Angels”. Michelle Schmitt, a Cincinnati native, underwent a life-saving liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive liver disease. The film, which is based on Schmitt’s autobiography, will follow her journey from the initial diagnosis to the transplant process and her subsequent recovery.

“Ordinary Angels” aims to shed light on the importance of organ donation and raise awareness about the need for more donors. The film will also highlight the profound impact that organ transplantation can have on patients and their families. Through this powerful story, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals awaiting transplants and the life-changing impact that organ donation can have.

Schmitt’s story serves as a reminder of the real-life heroes who selflessly become organ donors, providing hope and second chances to those in need. The film not only honors the bravery and resilience of Schmitt, but also serves as a tribute to the medical professionals who played a crucial role in her successful liver transplant. “Ordinary Angels” is set to inspire and touch audiences with its powerful message of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of organ donation.

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