Meeting Of Donors And Recipients In Pioneering 18-Person Kidney Transplant

An 18-way ‘chain’ kidney transplant took place at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, bringing together the donors and recipients for the first time in an emotional ceremony. The transplant involved nine donors and nine recipients, making it the largest-ever completed at UC Davis Health. The transplant chain was made possible through a protocol offered by UC Davis Health called paired kidney exchange. This protocol allows living donors who are incompatible with their intended recipients to donate to other recipients whose original matches also turned out to be incompatible.

The ceremony provided an opportunity for the donors, recipients, friends, family members, and the Transplant Center team to meet and share their stories and experiences. The donors expressed overwhelming gratitude, with many stating that they would give another kidney if they could.

UC Davis Transplant Center is a leader in the field of kidney living donor transplants. From 2017 to 2022, the Transplant Center saw a significant increase in donors facilitated and lives saved. UC Davis Health is ranked above the national peer benchmark rate in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) performance metrics, further highlighting the expertise and compassion of the transplant team.

For more information on kidney transplants or becoming a donor, interested individuals can visit the Sierra Donor Services or UC Davis Transplant Center websites.

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