Malaga Hospital Sets New Record: Most Yearly Kidney Transplants Achieved!

The Regional University Hospital of Malaga has achieved a new milestone in kidney transplants, with a total of 201 procedures performed last year. This figure represents a 29% increase from the previous year and a 14% increase from the previous record set in 2018 with 176 transplants. In addition, there have been significant increases in both living donor kidney transplants, which rose by 150%, and combined pancreas-kidney transplants, which increased by 44%.

Miguel Lebron, the transplant coordinator in Malaga, praised the generosity and support of donors and their families as the driving force behind these accomplishments. Spain, as a whole, has solidified its status as a world leader in transplants and organ donation, with a staggering 5,861 organ transplants taking place in 2023. Spanish donors make up one in four of all donors in Europe and 5% of all donors worldwide, further highlighting the nation’s exemplary contribution to this critical field.

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