Madison Newborn Boy’s Heart Transplant Await: Battling for Life

A Madison baby named DJ Barnes has been bravely battling a heart condition since the day he was born. Diagnosed with a complete heart block, a form of congenital heart disease, DJ received a pacemaker to assist his heart. However, his condition took a turn for the worse in November, leading doctors to determine that DJ needed a heart transplant to survive. Currently, DJ is regaining his strength in the hospital while waiting for the surgery, which is expected to be a year-long process. Despite his challenging circumstances, DJ’s positive attitude remains unwavering, bringing hope and inspiration to his family.

DJ’s family hopes that his story will raise awareness about congenital heart disease. According to his aunt, Rachel Hahn, DJ’s resilience has been supported by their loved ones. As the community rallies behind DJ, his mother, Sarah Hahn, expresses awe at his unyielding happiness and spirit, evident through his smiles, hand claps, and high-fives. The Barnes family remains optimistic about DJ’s future and hopes that his journey serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of those facing congenital heart disease.

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