Lung Cancer Survivor Penny Muszanowski Leaves Northwestern Medicine Hospital Post-Transplant

Penny Muszanowski, a 65-year-old cancer survivor from Griffith, Indiana, celebrated the end of her battle with lung cancer by ringing the bell at Northwestern Medicine. She underwent a lung transplant at the hospital, making her another success story for the health system that is currently the only one in the country performing lung transplants for certain advanced lung cancer patients. Throughout her stay, Muszanowski showed gratitude to the hospital staff by making and distributing handmade cards decorated with bees, a project she called “doodle bee therapy.” In return, the staff made their own homemade cards to celebrate her discharge.

Northwestern Medicine has been making headlines recently for its successful lung transplant surgeries. Just last month, the hospital performed a double-lung transplant on two patients with a rare condition. These achievements mark significant milestones in the field of lung cancer treatment, providing hope for patients in need of a lung transplant. Muszanowski’s story serves as an inspiration to other cancer patients, demonstrating the power of medical advancements and the importance of gratitude in the healing process.

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