Longmont Resident Receives Life-Saving Heart Transplant On Valentine’S Day, Spreading Love.

In a twist of fate, Mary Wickersham received a life-saving heart transplant on Valentine’s Day after enduring a challenging medical journey. Wickersham checked into Saint Joseph Hospital for heart valve replacement surgery, but complications arose, leading to additional open-heart procedures and the need for a heart transplant. Miraculously, a donor heart became available the same day she was placed on the transplant list, and the surgery was successful. Throughout her recovery, Wickersham was supported by her husband and daughters, and she will continue to undergo rehab and recovery at home.

Wickersham’s husband, Brad DeSwarte, faced difficult decisions as her condition deteriorated, ultimately making the call to pursue a transplant. After confirming her eligibility, Wickersham was listed on the donor registry and began a nerve-wracking waiting period. On the evening of February 13, a compatible donor was found, and surgery took place the following day. Wickersham’s recovery has been a challenging journey, with each milestone celebrated. Despite the physical and emotional toll, she remains determined to reclaim her daily routines. A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to help offset the substantial medical costs incurred during her treatment.

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