7. Transplant Surgery | Letters Of Hope With Valen Keefer

Receiving the call is a rush like no other you’ve worked so hard the anticipation you’re waiting and to actually get that call we got it at 1am I answered the phone on my transplant coordinator said we found the perfect liver for you we checked in and sat down

And that’s where it all began kind of go through another mini pre-transplant evaluation making sure that you are strong enough to survive the coming surgery after a couple hours somebody comes in and says okay the organ’s here we’re going to move you down to pre-op we go

Down there a whole other flurry of activity happens nurses in and out poking prodding getting IV lines in and literally a thumbs up thumbs down from my surgeon could change our future all of a sudden the nurse came around gave the thumbs up and it was go time and I

Remember her Wheeling me off and going to turn the corner and I hear her say oh you got it I hear her say do you want to say bye to your husband one more time and those moments are really hard because then you do wonder if

It’s the one more time or the last time so I remember he came running down the hallway I really just let go and trusted and just hoped that I would wake up on the other side I always had this feeling that if I could just wake up after

Surgery and see Noah that everything would be okay remember I was in the operating room and it’s quiet and all I’m doing is watching Everybody intently doing their job and I’m thinking okay this is happening so I said out loud everybody’s feeling positive today right and

Um Everybody kind of smiles and then a nurse came over to me and she looked at me directly in my eyes and said we all love what we do and we all love being here so my first memory after transplant is waking up and all of a sudden the first

Thing I see are silhouettes of my dad and Noah walking in the hallway to enter the room and I thought no way I didn’t the double doors swing open there she is awake not intubated looks fantastic for just going through one of the biggest surgeries your body

Can endure and there she is looking around the room and she sees her dad and I so I had a tube down my nose that maybe not be able to talk so I tried as hard as I could and when to communicate so I was writing stuff and I drew three

Stick people to represent Noah me and Dad and I put this is all I had wished for foreign I’ve been through a lot of operations to know that when they set you up which they try and get you to move and walk as soon as possible that’s your start to

Recovery just those first steps which are so hard and painful and it didn’t take long until I had to sit down again that’s the moment of recovery and moving forward when you see that you’ve woken up you’re well enough to move again and that was really exciting that with healing

The first time I saw my scar after liver transplant that took my breath away my body really transformed because I was super swollen that I looked pregnant I was like this is my new liver baby so you just have to like roll with things and realize that you’re gonna have transformations of

Yourself physically and mentally after the surgery and just knowing that time will heal It’s your critical healing and Recovery when you’re in the hospital and then once you get released you go back to Clinic twice a week you get Labs twice a week you take you take vitals every hour you’re taking meds you’re recording weights temperatures blood pressure caring for the incision I mean that was

Our big thing because nothing can derail a successful recovery like an infection the big thing for us was again trying to control these pieces that we could try to control to feel empowered in in her health and in her recovery it’s amazing because life just continues to go on

We work so hard throughout this transplant journey to stay well get us to The Next Step Closer to transplant it’s important for us to be able to trust our health care team and Trust the process and know when we have to work really hard and then know when we have

To just let go and put it in the hands of our surgeons and doctors and nurses Thank you foreign

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