Life-Saving Transplant Recipient Issues Urgent Vaping Alert: Beware Of Potential Hazards!

Lake County, Michigan – Daniel Ament, the first person in the world to receive a double lung transplant due to a vaping-related illness, visited several schools and a college in the area last week to educate students about the dangers of vaping. Ament, who was a very active teenager before becoming ill, shared his personal story and emphasized the importance of awareness and prevention. He spoke to students at Charlo High School, recounting how he initially rejected offers to try vaping but eventually gave in. After vaping for 9 months, Ament fell seriously ill and had to undergo a double lung transplant. He woke up paralyzed and spent months recovering in the hospital.

Ament’s presentations were coordinated by the Lake County Tobacco Prevention Program, whose goal is to bring someone closer to the students’ age to raise awareness about the life-changing effects of vaping. Ament’s nonprofit organization,, is dedicated to educating people about the dangers of vaping and other substance abuse, improving mental wellness in teenagers, and inspiring youth to lead healthier lifestyles.

The students who attended Ament’s presentations expressed their appreciation for his story, with one senior describing it as “super scary” but also inspiring. Ament’s mission is to educate people about the dangers of vaping and other substance abuse while promoting overall mental wellness among teenagers. He envisions a world with healthy and confident young adults living free and productive lives.

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