Life-Saving ‘Domino’ Liver Transplant Breaks New Ground

In a groundbreaking medical triumph, Mandy Ambert, a 67-year-old magazine editor and mother, underwent a life-saving ‘domino’ liver transplant at a Birmingham hospital. This rare surgical procedure involves the transplantation of a ‘recycled’ liver from a donor who had previously received a liver transplant. The liver Ambert received came from a donor with a metabolic disorder that did not impact its function, making it suitable for transplantation. This innovative approach to organ transplantation is aimed at creating a chain of transplants that can benefit multiple patients from a single donor liver.

Ambert had been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that resulted in tumors on her liver, putting her life at risk. The ‘domino’ procedure proved to be her lifeline, as the liver she received, which would have been considered unsuitable under normal circumstances, perfectly served the purpose. This successful operation, the hospital’s first of its kind and the eleventh worldwide, not only saved Ambert’s life but also opens doors for increased organ utilization.

The achievement in transplant medicine highlights advancements and offers hope for patients in need of life-saving procedures. Ambert, now recovering, is passionately advocating for organ donation, offering support to transplant patients, and raising awareness about this transformative approach to organ transplantation. This pioneering procedure has the potential to create a ripple effect, benefiting numerous individuals awaiting transplants while honoring the generous act of organ donors.

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