Life-Changing Gift: Kochi Man’S New Hand Transplant Brings Hope And Gratitude

Kochi: A heartwarming reunion took place on Tuesday at Amrita Hospital in Kochi when the parents of Sarang, who tragically passed away in a 2023 accident, met the recipient of their late son’s hands. Shifin, a 30-year-old employee at Apollo Tyres, Perambra, lost both his hands in a work accident in February 2020. Thanks to the generosity of Sarang’s parents, who donated their son’s organs, Shifin received a double hand transplant in a surgery performed by a 60-member team led by Dr Subramania Iyer. On what would have been Sarang’s 17th birthday, his parents had an emotional moment when they touched their son’s hands and placed a football in them.

Sarang’s organs have given new lives to six individuals, marking a remarkable act of altruism in the face of unimaginable loss. The surgery has brought renewed hope and independence to Shifin, who had eagerly awaited the opportunity for nearly three years. The funds for the life-changing procedure were raised by his colleagues and friends, as well as the company he works for. The reunion between the donor’s family and the recipient is a testament to the power of organ donation and the impact it can have on multiple lives.

In other news, Los Angeles Clippers guard Russell Westbrook recently underwent surgery on his fractured left hand, leaving his return to the court uncertain. Westbrook, known for his quick recoveries from hand injuries, holds the NBA record for triple-doubles and has been a key contributor to the team. Meanwhile, Toronto Raptors forward Scottie Barnes successfully underwent surgery for a hand fracture after an incident during a game against the Golden State Warriors. Barnes, the NBA Rookie of the Year, had been averaging impressive stats and his absence will be felt by the team. Lastly, IBM has announced plans for job cuts and voluntary redundancy as part of its efforts to achieve $3 billion in annual savings by 2024, with a particular focus on skills in AI and hybrid cloud.

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