Life-Altering 3Rd Lung Transplant Brings Hope To 26-Year-Old Woman

A 26-year-old woman named Taylor Stephenson has successfully undergone a rare third double lung transplant, according to reports. Stephenson was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at just nine months old, a life-threatening condition that affects various organs in the body. In 2015, she received her first double lung transplant, but complications arose four years later, prompting the need for a third transplant. However, most hospitals turned her down due to the rarity of a third double lung transplant. Eventually, she found hope at Duke Health in North Carolina, where Dr. John M. Reynolds took a chance and accepted her into the transplant program. The surgery, which took place in January, has been a success, with Stephenson making remarkable progress and showing no signs of rejection.

Stephenson’s journey has not been easy, as she had to overcome numerous medical challenges and face rejection from several hospitals. However, she persevered and is now grateful for the opportunity to live a healthy life. Since the surgery, she has achieved significant milestones, surprising her nurses by walking 50 feet on the first day and over 200 feet the next. Biopsy results following the transplant have shown no signs of rejection. Stephenson expressed her gratitude, describing the whole experience as both crazy and amazing. This case highlights the importance of considering multiple transplant options and the potential for successful outcomes even in complex situations.

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