Kyrgyzstan To Start Liver Transplants From May-June

Liver transplant surgeries are set to begin in Kyrgyzstan in May-June, according to Dr. Ernis Tilekov of the National Surgery Center. The liver surgery department at the center is currently undergoing repairs and is expected to be completed in 15 days. Turkish surgeons will be arriving in Kyrgyzstan during this period to conduct the transplant surgeries alongside trained Kyrgyz surgeons. Dr. Tilekov emphasized that the Turkish surgeons are offering their services for free until the local doctors gain enough experience in the procedure. Patients in need of liver transplants are urged to visit the National Surgery Center, as a list of patients eligible for the surgeries will be compiled by May.

This development is significant for Kyrgyzstan as liver transplant surgeries were previously not available in the country. The arrival of Turkish surgeons, who possess expertise in the procedure, will provide a valuable opportunity for Kyrgyz doctors to acquire knowledge and experience in liver transplants. The collaboration between the Turkish and Kyrgyz surgeons highlights the importance of international cooperation in healthcare, particularly in areas where specialized treatments are limited or unavailable locally. It is expected that the availability of liver transplant surgeries in Kyrgyzstan will greatly benefit patients who previously had to travel abroad for the procedure.

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