Kyrgyzstan to Offer Free Kidney Transplant Surgeries, Eliminating Costs for Patients

Kidney transplant surgeries will now be offered free of charge to patients in Kyrgyzstan, according to Health Minister Alymkadyr Beishenaliev. President Sadyr Japarov has ordered that all patients in need of such surgeries should have access to them without financial burden. Initially, 50 free surgeries were planned, with the first one already successfully performed. The decision to provide these surgeries free of charge came after discussions with the President, who highlighted the potential budgetary savings that could be achieved by transitioning from costly hemodialysis treatments to kidney transplants. To support this initiative, the government has allocated $7,500 for each surgery.

This move aims to improve access to vital medical procedures for patients suffering from renal failure. Currently, hemodialysis services are available to 2,500 individuals with renal failure. By expanding access to kidney transplants, the government hopes to significantly reduce the financial burden on the healthcare system and provide better long-term treatment outcomes for patients. This decision reflects a commitment to prioritize the healthcare needs of the population and invest in more cost-effective solutions, ultimately benefiting both patients and the national budget.

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