Kind-hearted stranger who rescued NYC subway rider seeks kidney transplant assistance.

Juan Peters, a Good Samaritan who helped a woman being attacked in the subway a few years ago, is now in need of help himself as he battles a failing kidney. In 2017, Peters came to the aid of Anna Martinez, who was being stabbed on a No. 5 train. Peters pulled the attacker off Martinez, who was severely injured. Now, Peters requires a new kidney, but no one in his inner circle is a match. As a Bronx father of six, Peters is motivated to find a donor so he can continue being there for his children. He plans to go into the ministry once he receives a new kidney, as a way to pay it forward and help others. Peters hopes that someone will step forward to donate a kidney before it’s too late. Anyone who wishes to help Peters can contact the Center for Living Organ Donors at the Yale New Haven Transplantation Center.

Keywords: Juan Peters, subway, failing kidney, good Samaritan, No. 5 train, stabbing, Anna Martinez, donor, Bronx, ministry, children.

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