Kilburn man sheds 5.5 stone in challenging liver transplant journey

A man from Derbyshire, Carl Fox, has shared his inspirational story of transformation after undergoing a liver transplant. In just six years, Carl went from recovering from the operation to living his best life. At the time of his surgery in 2018, Carl weighed 18-and-a-half stone and struggled with a lack of energy, preventing him from playing with his daughter. However, he decided to make a change and began his journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Initially hesitant about exercise and intimidated by the gym, Carl started making small but impactful changes. He eliminated the word “diet” from his vocabulary and focused on making overall lifestyle choices to support his weight loss goals. Carl’s perseverance paid off as he now weighs 13 stone and has dropped from a size XXXL to a size 34″ waist. Thanks to his incredible success, Carl became a consultant at Slimming World Ripley, the group he joined less than a year ago.

Carl encourages others to embark on their own journeys towards improved physical and mental well-being. He credits his family for their endless support and emphasizes the importance of a shift in mindset. For those interested in learning more about Carl’s journey or trying to replicate his successes, they can contact him at Additionally, Slimming World Ripley holds sessions every Thursday at St Joseph’s Community Hall in Ripley between 5.30pm and 7pm.

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