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Welcome to the Kidney Care Community Access to research Equity study a research study by the National Kidney Foundation which has been created specifically to help people with kidney disease keep up with the latest research findings and help to find out if a Cutting Edge research trial is right for

You this powerful research tool can help transform Kidney Care and research together you may have recently been told by your doctor that you have kidney disease but please do not worry you are not alone in fact more than 1 in seven Americans have kidney disease nearly 1

In three are at risk for developing it and over 700,000 people have disease that is severe enough to affect the ability of the kidneys to work well at the National Kidney Foundation we are a group of Health and Wellness experts who are here to help working with our

Patient Advocates we have developed this new portal with you in mind I would like to walk you through the ABCs of this site A is for actionable personalized information many of you have told us that you are interested in learning more about the cause of kidney disease and what you can

Do to improve your kidney function or quality of life because of this we have actionable and personalized information that can help you no matter how advanced your disease is whether youve recently been diagnosed with early stage kidney disease are on dialysis or have received a kidney transplant B is for the concept

Of bringing to light this is another very important thing that our portal does because a critical part of bringing something to light is making sure that it is proven by strong research we connect you to research that is being conducted by prominent doctors around the country medical research is so

Important because it is the way that doctors around the world know which medicines to use for kidney disease how to treat people at different stages of kidney disease and which lifestyle changes to recommend with our portal you not only learn about the latest scientific discoveries that might help you manage

Your kidney disease but get a chance to participate in research studies that might directly help you or may benefit other patients think of us as your One-Stop shop for getting involved in and learning from cuttingedge kidney disease research C is for current and when I say current I’m referring to

Real-time data one thing that really helps doctors is understanding how thousands of patients with kidney disease are doing in the real world in real time by contributing to this platform you and other patients with kidney disease can help doctors around around the country and the world get better information that can help them

Understand what is happening on the ground in real time so for example if we need to know how people with kidney disease are doing after having covid-19 and 10,000 patients like you respond to our survey doctors will quickly understand what is happening in the real world and can develop quick solutions to

Improve care we really hope that you become a part of the Kidney Care study as we want the best for you as someone living with kidney disease together we can transform Kidney Care research and ultimately find a cure for kidney disease

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