Kidney Transplant Recipient And Donor Successfully Recovered – Medical Update

Mulago Hospital in Uganda has announced that the first patient to undergo a kidney transplant in the country is in good health, along with the kidney donor, over two months after the successful surgery. The transplant surgeon, Prof Frank Asiimwe, stated that the patient is being reviewed every two weeks and is happy with their progress. Additionally, the donor is in good health and currently seeking employment. While discussions for a second kidney transplant have started, no specific timeframe was provided. The surgeon made these remarks during the announcement of an upcoming surgical exhibition event, where Uganda’s surgical capabilities will be showcased.

The successful kidney transplant comes after the implementation of the new Uganda Human Organ Donation and Transplant law, which prohibits the sale of organs and the payment for organs. The law allows for compensation to living donors for loss of earnings and related expenses, as well as payment for technical services in a regulated setting. The ban on organ trafficking aims to protect Ugandans from being victims of illegal organ, cell, and tissue trade. With 13% of Ugandans having some form of kidney disease and 2% requiring kidney transplants, the successful procedure highlights the potential for providing more surgical interventions within the country and reducing the need for patients to seek care abroad.

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