Jacksonville Woman Conquers Donna Marathon With New Heart In Inspiring Feat

Jacksonville, Florida – Erin Coello, a veterinarian, wife, and mother of two, accomplished an incredible feat just one year after receiving a heart transplant. She successfully completed her first marathon, crossing the finish line alongside her husband, Gaston, and fitness coach, Adam Woodmansee, at the DONNA Marathon on Sunday. Coello’s journey towards prioritizing her fitness started after a health scare in 2015, when she experienced severe chest congestion, breathing complications, and trouble sleeping. Coello was subsequently diagnosed with congestive heart failure at the young age of 29.

Following her diagnosis, Coello joined Training for Warriors Julington Creek in St. Johns County, aiming to improve her health in preparation for a potential heart transplant. Thanks to her dedication, she was eventually removed from the transplant list. However, last year she fell ill again and was hospitalized. With no other option, she underwent a heart transplant after anxiously waiting for weeks.

Coello’s recovery and newfound lease on life inspired her to commemorate her journey by participating in the DONNA Marathon, covering a distance of 26.2 miles. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to Coello’s resilience and determination, as she defied the odds and completed the marathon less than a year after her life-saving surgery.

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