Indiana woman embraces cancer-free life following successful double-lung transplant

Chicago’s Northwestern Medicine bid an emotional farewell to a special patient, Penny Muszanowski, who underwent a successful double-lung transplant. Muszanowski, hailing from Griffith, Indiana, had been battling lung cancer amidst the COVID pandemic. After failing to improve through multiple rounds of treatment elsewhere, Muszanowski turned to Northwestern Medicine’s Canning Thoracic Institute for a last hope at life. The institute’s innovative Double Lung Replacement and Multidisciplinary Care (DREAM) program proved to be a lifeline for patients with advanced lung cancer and limited life expectancy. Muszanowski’s gratitude for the hospital staff manifested through her “Doodle Bee Therapy,” whereby she crafted handmade cards adorned with bees. Her discharge from Northwestern Memorial Hospital was celebrated with homemade cards featuring bees and lungs, evoking tears of appreciation from Muszanowski. Dr. Brad Bemiss of the Canning Thoracic Institute commended her resilience and uplifting spirit as she looks forward to chasing her dream of achieving a backflip with her newfound breath and vitality.

Overall, Muszanowski’s story highlights the life-changing impact of the Canning Thoracic Institute’s DREAM program. The program offers hope to patients who have exhausted conventional treatments and face limited life expectancy. This innovative initiative showcases the dedication of medical professionals at Northwestern Medicine to provide cutting-edge care and transform lives. Muszanowski’s success not only represents a triumph against lung cancer but also serves as a testament to the importance of personalized and comprehensive medical approaches in treating complex diseases. Through her heartfelt gratitude and determination, Muszanowski reminds us of the profound difference compassionate care can make in a patient’s life.

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