Indiana Woman Celebrates Victorious Battle Against Cancer With Successful Double-Lung Transplant.

A woman named Penny Muszanowski has successfully beaten cancer thanks to a novel transplant procedure at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Penny, from Griffith, Indiana, was facing a dire situation with tumors on both lungs while battling lung cancer during the COVID pandemic. Despite undergoing multiple rounds of treatment elsewhere with no improvement, she turned to the Canning Thoracic Institute at Northwestern Medicine for a double-lung transplant. The institute’s groundbreaking Double Lung Replacement and Multidisciplinary Care (DREAM) program offers a lifeline to lung cancer patients who have exhausted conventional treatments and have limited life expectancy. Penny received her successful double-lung transplant on February 17, 2024, and was discharged from Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, surrounded by a touching send-off from the hospital staff.

The highlight of Penny’s journey was her heartwarming endeavor of creating handmade cards adorned with whimsical bees, which she calls “Doodle Bee Therapy,” to express gratitude to the hospital staff. The staff reciprocated the sentiment by presenting Penny with homemade cards featuring bees and lungs during her discharge. This gesture brought Penny to tears and showcased the profound impact of the care she received. Reflecting on the emotional farewell, Penny expressed overwhelming gratitude for the heartfelt send-off. Dr. Brad Bemiss, a specialist at the Canning Thoracic Institute, commended Penny’s resilience and the uplifting spirit she brings to others. With her successful transplant, Penny now looks forward to achieving her goal of performing a backflip, fueled by her renewed strength and vitality.

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