How $10 Lozenges Saved My Life as a Lung Transplant Patient Battling Covid

Amanda Jean, a 27-year-old double-lung transplant patient, credits over-the-counter Cold-Eeze lozenges with saving her life from both COVID-19 and the common cold. Jean, who is awaiting her second lung transplant, is at high risk of developing deadly pneumonia due to her immune system-suppressing medications and lung damage. However, she found relief from symptoms such as shortness of breath and congestion by taking the lozenges, which cleared her illness in minutes. Jean praised the “magic cough drops” on TikTok, stating that they cleared congestion, chest pain, and other symptoms associated with respiratory illnesses. Cold-Eeze lozenges, which contain zinc gluconate glycine, claim to suppress viruses and reduce the duration of colds by 42%. Jean is now fundraising for her second double-lung transplant and is in discussions with the University of Pittsburgh for the procedure.

Jean’s story highlights the potential benefits of over-the-counter remedies in managing respiratory illnesses for high-risk individuals. Despite her genetic condition, Jean has surpassed her initial life expectancy of six years and highlights the importance of finding effective treatments. The success of Cold-Eeze lozenges for Jean is anecdotal evidence, but their active ingredient, zinc gluconate glycine, is known to suppress viruses. The positive response to her TikTok video suggests that many viewers may be seeking relief for their own respiratory illnesses. Jean’s journey also sheds light on the challenges faced by lung transplant patients and the importance of ongoing medical support. Overall, this story emphasizes the potential impact of Cold-Eeze lozenges in managing symptoms of respiratory illnesses for vulnerable populations and highlights the need for further research in this area.

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