Heyworth Church Fundraiser Supports Father’s Double-Lung Transplant Journey

The community of Bloomington rallied together on Saturday to support the Hardy family as they prepare for a life-changing surgery. Micah Hardy, a husband and father of six young girls, has been diagnosed with sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease, which has worsened over time. Last week, he was placed on the lung transplant list, and once he receives the call that a matching pair of lungs has been found, he will have only three hours to reach a hospital in St. Louis for the transplant.

Following the surgery, Mr. Hardy will spend three weeks in the hospital and at least three months in St. Louis for pulmonary rehab. To ensure that the family’s home and the well-being of his kids are taken care of while he is away, St. Patrick Church of Merna and the Hardy family organized a silent auction, with all proceeds going towards supporting them throughout the process. The response from the community and local businesses has been overwhelming, with donations pouring in and heartfelt support being shown.

Mr. Hardy expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support and described the emotional rollercoaster he has been on throughout this process. While he experiences moments of excitement, thinking about the things he hasn’t been able to do in a long time, he also acknowledges the magnitude of the surgery and the recovery process. Looking ahead, he is eager to fully participate in his daughters’ lives once he has recovered and hopes to be a bigger part of their childhoods. The Hardy family expresses their immense gratitude for the support from the community, Corpus Christi Catholic School, and St. Patrick Church of Merna. Those wishing to contribute to their cause can donate on the Help Hope Live website.

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