Herbert Davis, MRA football star, receives life-saving kidney transplant after four-year wait.

Madison-Ridgeland Academy (MRA) head football coach Herbert Davis is set to receive a life-saving kidney transplant after a four-year wait. Davis, who has been battling stage 5 kidney disease since January 2020, will undergo the transplant at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, thanks to a donor match from within the MRA community. Leah Cox, a parent at the school, was the missing piece in a six-person organ swap that will benefit Davis and five other recipients. This transplant swap is not only the largest in UMMC’s history but also the biggest in Mississippi.

Davis, who has won five state championships across various schools, expressed his gratitude on social media and requested prayers for a successful procedure. He missed MRA’s first two games in 2023 due to a kidney infection but returned after treatment and led his team for the remainder of the season. The announcement of the long-awaited transplant brings hope to Davis and his supporters, marking a significant milestone in his health journey.

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