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Most people have two kidneys about the size of their fists located in their lower back just like your brain or heart kidneys keep you alive lupus is the short name for the disease systemic lupus arithmos SLE lupus is an autoimmune disease this means that the body’s immune system

Which normally kills germs to prevent and fight infections will instead attack many different healthy parts of the body when the immune system attacks the kidney nephrons it’s called lupus nefritis nephrons are filters with tiny blood vessels called glomeruli that remove waste and excess water from the blood in the form of urine

Lupus nefritis will develop in about half of patients with lupus and if left untreated may lead to kidney failure which could require dialysis or a kidney transplant blood and urine testing is recommended every 3 to 6 months to check Kidney Health before symptoms develop not all people with lupus

Nefritis have symptoms but if they do symptoms may include swelling in the hands face feet belly or around the eyes weight changes usually weight gain but sometimes weight loss feeling very tired brown urine caused by Blood Foy urine caused by protein urinating less often than normal and high blood

Pressure if you’re not feeling well check in with your doctor right away the good news is that when it’s found early and treated right the outlook for kidney disease patients can be very Bright

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