Heart Transplant Patient Finds His Road to Recovery

Mark Nelson was living a healthy and active lifestyle when he suddenly experienced heart failure. After gaining nearly 50 pounds of water weight and with his heart failing, Mark was transferred to Ochsner to see if a new heart could be found to save his life. Choking back tears, Mark recalled cardiologist Sapna Desai, MD, telling him these words that he’d never forget: “We have a heart for you, and it’s a perfect match.’’

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86-Day Journey in the ICU – Patient Story

After suffering a heart attack, pulmonary embolism and multiple organ failure, Paul Juneau spent 86 days fighting for his life in the ICU. However, thanks to dedicated care from his team at Ochsner Baton Rouge, Paul was given a second chance, living to see the birth of his baby boy. “I truly believe that without Ochsner, I wouldn’t be here today,” Juneau said. “I think I received the best care that could possibly be given by anyone.”


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