Greece: First Patient In Greece To Receive Living Donor Liver Transplant, Discharged

A historic liver transplant operation took place in Greece, as a young woman became the first patient in the country to receive a liver from a living donor. Eleni Haimalaki, 23, received a part of her father’s liver in an operation conducted at Laiko Hospital in Athens. The surgery was performed by surgeon Georgios Sotiropoulos, with the assistance of German surgeon Dieter Broering. The patient was released from the hospital on Friday, with several important figures, including Ministers of Health and hospital officials, present during her discharge.

The successful procedure has been hailed as a significant milestone for the National Health System in Greece and a testament to the expertise and capabilities of Laiko Hospital. Surgeon Sotiropoulos expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him and his team by Eleni and her family. He highlighted the specialized nature of the operation, emphasizing that only a few medical facilities in Germany perform liver transplants from living donors. In this case, the father’s liver was divided into two pieces, with the right lobe transplanted into the daughter and the left piece retained by the father.

This groundbreaking operation highlights the progress made in medical advancements in Greece and the capabilities of the country’s healthcare system. The successful transplant offers hope to patients in need of such procedures and showcases the expertise of the surgical team involved. It also underscores the importance of organ donation, particularly from living donors, as a viable option for those awaiting transplants. The collaboration between Greek and German surgeons further demonstrates the significance of international cooperation in advancing medical knowledge and capabilities.

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