Grandfather Finds Kidney Donor: A True Angel

A local man, Gary Fatherne, is desperately in need of a kidney transplant and is calling his donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, “an angel.” Fatherne has been suffering from kidney failure for the past three years, and his condition has been steadily deteriorating. The search for a donor seemed futile until a stranger stepped forward to offer his kidney.

Fatherne’s health crisis has taken a significant toll on his life. Traveling from his home in Las Vegas to Cleveland for treatment has strained his finances and limited his ability to spend time with his grandchildren. However, the selfless act of the anonymous donor has given Fatherne renewed hope.

This extraordinary act of kindness is a prime example of how one person’s generosity can have a profound impact on another’s life. Fatherne’s gratitude towards his donor is immeasurable, and he hopes that by sharing his story, it will inspire others to consider organ donation as a way to give the gift of life. As he awaits the transplant surgery, Fatherne remains optimistic and believes that with the support of his doctors, family, and community, he will overcome this health challenge.

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