Ghana: New Legislation Enhances Ghana’S Kidney Transplant System: A Game-Changer!

First Sky Group, led by Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse, is working to create a legislative instrument that will support and encourage the establishment of a kidney transplant system in Ghana. The company has collaborated with the Ministry of Health and organ transplantation experts to draft a statement for discussion. The text will be evaluated by stakeholders in parliament to determine its viability as a legislative instrument.

Mr. Kutortse highlighted the need for legislative support, as currently, there is no recognized legislative framework for organ transplant programs in Ghana. He emphasized the importance of raising awareness among key stakeholders and obtaining input for the document. First Sky Group is dedicated to assisting the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in establishing a kidney transplant center.

Furthermore, Mr. Kutortse mentioned the success of previous endeavors, such as sponsoring kidney transplants in 2023 and providing free dialysis for over 300 patients since 2016. Despite the challenging business landscape in 2023, First Sky Group maintained its operations and even experienced marginal growth. Looking ahead, the company aims to complete the kidney transplant project by the end of 2024.

In addition to their healthcare initiatives, First Sky Group plans to construct three modern church auditoriums and eliminate churches in classrooms and under trees through a rural area evangelism program. Their goal is to build approximately 50 church buildings within the next two years, starting in the Ga rural areas. These efforts align with the company’s mission of creating job opportunities, supporting God’s Kingdom Business, and providing relief to those in need.

The Most Reverend Dr. Paul Kwabena Boafo praised First Sky Group’s contributions, particularly their dialysis support for patients and church planting initiatives. The theme of this year’s 21st Annual and Thanksgiving service, chaired by Rev. Dr. Stephen Yenusom Wengam, was “The Faithfulness of the Lord Never Ceases.”

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