Fundraising to Stay Near Transplant Hospital After Losing Memory of Parents

Friends of a liver transplant survivor are raising funds to assist with the costly rent near the hospital where she is recovering. Caryl Davies, 40, experienced severe liver disease that caused her to forget who her parents were. After a year of memory loss and confusion, she received a life-saving liver transplant in January. Davies had been unable to work and became a recluse, as she struggled with memory loss and anxiety. Now, her friends are seeking financial support to aid in her recovery and help her reunite with her two-year-old daughter and partner. Davies is grateful for the generosity she has received and cannot express enough gratitude to the family of her organ donor.

Davies’ liver disease was discovered by chance when she fainted and suffered a head injury while on a gap year in Australia at the age of 21. She was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, which led to advanced liver disease. In 2022, her health began to deteriorate further, leading to increased liver damage, kidney failure, and the development of diabetes due to steroid treatment. After almost a year on the donor waitlist, Davies finally received the call and underwent the transplant surgery she had been preparing for. While her mobility improves every day, she still cannot lift her daughter or return to work. However, she is optimistic about her recovery and looks forward to reuniting with her daughter and resuming her job as a town regeneration planner in north London. Those wishing to support Davies’ recovery can donate through her GoFundMe page.

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