From Life-Saving Surgery to Lifelong Commitment: Serving Others with My New Heart

Calvin Ming Jr., a heart transplant survivor, leaves behind a legacy of service and resilience. Despite battling severe health issues, he dedicated his life to public service and the Salvation Army, making a lasting impact on those around him and society as a whole.

In 1993, Calvin became the second heart transplant recipient on the island at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre. Suffering from idiopathic ventricular cardiomyopathy, his heart muscle was severely damaged. The transplant provided newfound hope, giving him a fresh lease on life. Calvin’s survival surpassed expectations, living over 30 years post-transplant despite an initial estimate of 8-10 years. His remarkable journey showcases his will to live and the wonders of modern medicine.

Calvin’s commitment to the Salvation Army was unwavering. He served in various roles, including bandmaster, coordinator for social services, and director of public relations and development. During the Christmas season, he led caroling activities and supported charitable services. Calvin’s dedication to serving others extended into his retirement years.

Not only did Calvin leave a significant impact on the Salvation Army, but he also had an extensive career in public service. He held positions in the prison service and the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Instrumental in establishing the National Alcohol and Drug Agency and the drug awareness organization, Youth to Youth, he played a key role in launching Bermuda’s drug court in 2000. Calvin’s commitment to combating addiction and supporting those struggling with it defined his life’s work.

Calvin Ming Jr. will be remembered as a man who embraced life fully and made substantial contributions to his community. The Salvation Army expressed their condolences to his family, acknowledging the lasting impact of Calvin’s life and ministry.

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