From a Successful Heart Transplant at 9 Months: Taytum Thrives in 2023!

A toddler named Taytum Burns has defied the odds and embraced life after spending most of her early days in the hospital. At just nine days old, doctors at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh discovered that Taytum had developed myocarditis, a condition in which her heart became inflamed due to a virus from a common cold. She spent three months in the cardiac ICU, requiring life support to keep her alive. Eventually, Taytum stabilized but needed a heart transplant, and her family, residing in Weirton, West Virginia, had to commute almost daily to be with her. The hospital became their second home, and the staff members became like family to them.

Despite the hardships and challenges Taytum faced, she continues to thrive today, thanks to UPMC Children’s Hospital. Although she still requires a feeding tube and various medications, Taytum’s indomitable spirit shines through, and her family is immensely grateful for the care she received. The hospital’s Free Care Fund ensures that children receive equal quality care, regardless of their families’ financial situations. Generous donations from the community sustain this fund, and people are encouraged to participate in the 70th annual Free Care Fund telethon to support this important cause.

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