Fresno Colleagues Forge Unbreakable Bond After Life-Changing Kidney Transplant

In honor of National Kidney Month, two coworkers at the DaVita Dialysis Center in Fresno, California, are sharing their inspiring story of friendship and organ donation. Frank Marquez and Sandy Williams met in 2012 and quickly became close friends. When Marquez shared his health struggles, which included heart and kidney diseases, Williams offered to see if she was a match for a kidney donation. After an extensive screening process, the two were deemed a match, and the transplant surgery took place last July. Marquez expresses his gratitude to Williams every day, calling her his “angel from heaven.” This heartwarming story sheds light on the urgent need for organ donors, as more than 100,000 people in the United States are currently in need of a transplant, with 90% of them requiring a kidney.

Marquez and Williams, who both work with patients suffering from kidney disease, understand the critical benefits of living kidney donations. Many patients tragically pass away before receiving a transplant, underscoring the urgency of increasing the number of living donors. To address this pressing issue, the article encourages readers interested in becoming a living kidney donor to visit the National Kidney Registry website. This story serves as a reminder of the life-saving impact that organ donors can make and highlights the power of friendship and compassion in overcoming health challenges.

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