Founder of Bronx food pantry seeks kidney transplant to stay in service.

Jeannette Joseph-Greenaway, a Bronx woman who has dedicated her life to helping others, is now in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Joseph-Greenaway, who founded the Agatha House Foundation 10 years ago to provide food and services to children and families in need, has kidney failure and is awaiting a suitable donor. Despite her own battle, she continues to think of others and wishes to be the giver rather than the receiver. Her daughters, Tiffany and Brittany, who are keeping their mother’s passion for helping the community alive, were tested as potential donors but were not a match. As Joseph-Greenaway waits for a kidney, her family and volunteers pray for her health and eagerly await her return to continue their important work.

For those interested in becoming a living kidney donor, more information can be found at the NewYork-Presbyterian website. Joseph-Greenaway’s situation serves as a reminder of the crucial need for organ donors and the impact that one person’s selfless act can have on the life of another. As the community rallies to support Joseph-Greenaway in her time of need, it is a testament to the impact she has made through her foundation and the love and support she has received in return.

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