Formerly Known as Donor to Donor, the National Kidney Donation Organization, Inc. Makes its Way to the Forefront

The leading organization representing living donors for kidney donation rebrands itself to reflect its broadening influence.

NORWALK, CT – October 8, 2020 – Widely recognized as a leading resource for living donors embarking on kidney donation, the organization formerly known as Donor to Donor announces their new name change. To reflect their services’ ever-broadening scope, Donor to Donor is now known as the National Kidney Donation Organization, Inc. (NKDO).

As the premier kidney advocacy group within the United States, NKDO seeks to foster a community of kidney advocates dedicated to the education and awareness of the best transplant practices currently available. To that end, October 21st will see the launch of their virtual, innovative Kidney Donor Advocate Conference. Open to the public at no charge; the audience will have the opportunity to hear from transplant industry experts in an interactive format.

Ned Brooks, the founder of Donor to Donor and now NKDO, said, “The name Donor to Donor is no longer descriptive of the scope of our activities, and the name change to National Kidney Donation Organization, or NKDO, better represents the breadth of our initiatives. NKDO holds to the standard that there is no one who can speak to a potential donor with as much credibility as someone who has already donated a kidney.

Transplant centers are bustling, and potential donors are trying to absorb a great deal of information in a relatively short time. To help them make an informed decision, our organization will continue to help potential donors comprehend the donor process while being careful never to give medical advice.”

Since its inception, Donor to Donor has counseled scores of people and has taken on additional projects as a natural outgrowth. Going forward, NKDO will continue to spread awareness of the kidney crisis in America. Their mission to counsel potential donors broadens to include creating a community of living donors called the 1KidneyClubs.

Also, encouraging the support of recipients through a mentoring group called the Transplant Journey, Inc. Moreover, NKDO will provide various modalities for the education of both living donors and kidney transplant recipients. Engagement will include a YouTube channel, a microsite for kidney patients, interactive interviews with transplant industry professionals, and a volunteer advocate conference.

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About National Kidney Donation Organization, Inc.:
A reorganization of Donor to Donor, the National Kidney Donation Organization, Inc. (NKDO) continues with the mission of education and advocacy projects through various distribution mediums.

About Donor to Donor:
Donor to Donor, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was founded in 2015 by Ned Brooks, a non-directed kidney donor inspired by a Freakonomics podcast. It was created to serve as a resource for potential donors to learn about donor protections in the United States.

Ned Brooks
Founder, NKDO


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