Fitness Courses Aid Central Desert Women In Qualifying For Kidney Transplants

An dialysis clinic in Alice Springs is helping individuals with chronic kidney disease work towards being eligible for a kidney transplant. The clinic offers fitness classes for patients, led by kidney transplant recipient Nicki Scholes-Robertson. These classes aim to keep people fit and healthy, and ultimately increase their chances of receiving a life-saving transplant.

Central Australia has high rates of chronic kidney disease, with 1% of the population on dialysis. Purple House, an Indigenous-owned and run health service in Alice Springs, is working to increase access to dialysis for remote communities. Many of Purple House’s clients are young enough to receive a transplant, but must meet certain criteria including attending dialysis appointments, taking medication, and staying fit and healthy. Once patients receive a transplant, they must take medication for the rest of their lives to prevent rejection.

Ms. Scholes-Robertson, along with other participants, are working to spread awareness and education about chronic kidney disease to reduce the need for transplants in the first place. There is also a need for more funding for prevention efforts. The government of the Northern Territory is developing a new kidney care plan that focuses on prevention and offers comprehensive, coordinated, and culturally appropriate support for individuals with kidney disease throughout their journey.

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