First Dual Lobe Liver Transplant At Jaipur’S Mgmch: A Groundbreaking Achievement

In a groundbreaking achievement, surgeons at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital in Rajasthan successfully carried out the first-ever dual lobe liver transplant for a patient battling chronic liver failure. The patient, Indra Pal, weighing 126 kgs, had been fighting the condition for a long time, and this procedure offers fresh hope for people facing similar challenges. Dr. Naimish N Mehta, a renowned Transplant Surgeon and Chairman Centre for Digestive Sciences, described the achievement as a testament to resilience and familial support in the face of adversity. The surgery, which lasted 18 hours and involved a team of 20 experts and surgeons, represents a major breakthrough in enhancing patient outcomes in liver transplantation.

The groundbreaking procedure became necessary in Indra Pal’s case due to the challenge of finding a suitable donor liver of adequate size for transplantation. While his wife, Mrs. Taravati, offered a portion of her liver, it alone was insufficient for Indra Pal’s weight. As a result, two different individuals contributed parts of their livers, which were skillfully joined in a single patient. This transformative approach addresses the complexities of organ compatibility while providing renewed hope for patients with limited treatment options. Dr. Naimish, who has performed over 2000 successful liver transplants, emphasized the significance of innovative surgical techniques and advancements in transplant medicine in offering a lifeline to those grappling with end-stage liver disease.

The success of this dual lobe liver transplant is a testament to the expertise and dedication of the medical team at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital. Dr. M L Swarankar, the hospital’s founder and the first test baby surgeon of Rajasthan, highlighted the meticulous optimization of both the donors and the recipient under the close supervision of their in-house Hepatologist, Dr. Karan Kumar. This careful planning set the stage for a meticulously executed procedure led by Dr. Mehta and his surgical team. With this breakthrough, patients in need of liver transplants in Rajasthan and beyond can look forward to improved outcomes and a renewed chance at a healthy future.

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