Ferriday 10-Year-Old’S Cancer Victory Shattered By Lung Transplant Prospects

Lilly-Anne Bryan, a 10-year-old from Ferriday, Louisiana, is facing the possibility of a double lung transplant after battling and beating cancer. Despite being an active and outdoorsy girl who loves riding horses, hunting, and fishing, Lilly-Anne now requires an oxygen tank due to the effects of chemotherapy on her lungs. The chemotherapy successfully eliminated the cancer, but it also caused pulmonary fibrosis, scarring of the lungs, which has progressively worsened over time. As a result, Lilly-Anne gets winded after walking just 20 feet and is constantly connected to an oxygen supply.

Lilly-Anne recently traveled to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston to undergo evaluation as a potential candidate for a double-lung transplant, which her doctors in Memphis believe is her best option. However, her family is hoping for an alternative therapy that could improve her condition without the need for a transplant. They are praying for a miracle and await the results of the evaluation. If Lilly-Anne is added to the transplant list, it can take several months to receive donor lungs, followed by a lengthy recovery period before she can return home. The Bryan family is relying on the power of prayer and their faith in God to guide them through this challenging time.

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