Family’S Organ Donation Efforts For Boy Needing 2Nd Liver Transplant – Wpxi

A Pittsburgh family is advocating for organ donation after their young son, Lucas Goeller, urgently requires a second liver transplant. Channel 11 initially covered Lucas’ story in 2015 when he received a lifesaving liver transplant at the age of two. Despite the challenges, Lucas’ mother, Jessica Goeller, believes their family has a choice – to either suffer alone or use their suffering to make a difference by helping the over 100,000 people currently on the transplant waiting list.

The Goeller family’s plea for organ donation is a call to action, aiming to raise awareness and encourage more individuals to become donors. Their experience highlights the critical importance of organ transplantation in saving lives and improving the quality of life for those in need. With Lucas thriving months after his initial transplant, the Goellers’ story serves as inspiration for other families facing similar circumstances.

Organ transplantation remains a pressing issue as thousands of individuals across the country await life-saving procedures. The Goellers hope that their advocacy efforts will contribute to increasing organ donor registrations and ultimately save more lives.

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