Expectant Father Stuck In Visa Limbo Battles To Obtain Heart Transplant Medication

An Australian citizen, Nunzio Pizzorusso, who is awaiting the arrival of his first child with his Russian wife, faces the possibility of being forced to leave the country due to his need for anti-rejection drugs after having a heart transplant. Pizzorusso, who works as a head chef at the Melbourne restaurant Soho, has been waiting for more than two years for an update on his partner visa application. The delay is due to immigration officials repeatedly requesting additional health information, creating uncertainty for the couple. However, Pizzorusso receives his necessary medication from Italy, which does not impose any financial burden on Australian authorities.

The couple’s lawyer, Dimitrios Katsaros, stated that the health waiver, which can be issued if applicants meet other visa requirements, allows for exceptions as long as it does not result in significant healthcare costs or hinder access to healthcare or community services for Australian citizens. Katsaros also expressed frustration concerning the ongoing requests for additional information by immigration officials, despite their previous application for a health waiver. He filed a complaint with Home Affairs, highlighting the difficulty and complexities of the Australian migration system.

Obtaining a partner visa, which is one of the most expensive in the world, costs nearly $9,000, excluding lawyer fees. Pizzorusso’s case sheds light on the challenges of maintaining Australia’s high health standards during the visa application process. Home Affairs has not provided any specific comments on individual cases but stated that all visa applicants must meet the requirements set out in the migration legislation.

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