Erika Farrell Fights Courageously for Liver Transplant in Connecticut

Young NICU nurse Erika Farrell, 26, is fighting for her life in Wolcott, Connecticut, as she awaits a life-saving liver transplant. Despite battling severe medical conditions since her teenage years, Erika’s resilience shines through. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 16 and later with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), a rare autoimmune liver disease. Her health complications intensified with the onset of ‘overlap syndrome,’ combining the impacts of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Autoimmune Hepatitis. Living with liver failure and stage four cirrhosis, Erika’s journey highlights the challenges faced by organ transplant recipients.

Erika’s story has garnered widespread support after she shared it on social media and platforms like DONOR, resulting in hundreds of individuals stepping forward as potential organ donors. Her experience emphasizes the power of community and the critical need for organ donors. The field of liver transplantation has seen notable advancements, offering hope to Erika and others in similar situations. Reduced size liver transplantation and innovations in graft preservation and transplantation techniques have improved outcomes for recipients. As Erika continues to wait for her transplant, her battle against the odds serves as a reminder of the challenges many face silently and the life-changing impact of organ donation.

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